Adam Kessel

I'm a principal at Fish & Richardson P.C., an award-winning intellectual property law firm. I focus on software and Internet-related litigation across legal areas, including patent, copyright/DMCA, and trade secret. I also provide strategic pre-litigation and licensing advice.



I started a weblog early in law school, circa 2001. Over the years, I've blogged less and less, and ultimately decided to close the blog permanently. Old entries are still available; however, they don't necessarily reflect any of my current views, and certainly do not reflect the views of any of my employers or clients.

I also maintained a set of resources in law school that students still find useful. At the time, very little was available by way of online outlines and class notes. In the intervening decade, a robust market has developed; my old materials are generally stale but I've left them up for posterity.

Updated 12/31/11