2006-10-15 v0.60 Adam Rosi-Kessel
* New options --older-than and --newer-than, to only play files whose
modification times are respectively older or newer than given date or time
interval (e.g., --newer-than 1Y = files newer than one year old).
* Allow alternative forms of expressing 'last played by' date for --days
option as with --older-than and --newer-than.

2006-03-19 v0.52 Adam Rosi-Kessel
* Fix typo in sample randomplayrc for new 'back key' feature.

2006-03-19 v0.51 Adam Rosi-Kessel
* New feature: keybinding to go backward through previously played songs
during session. Default key is 'b'.

2006-02-07 v0.50 Adam Rosi-Kessel

* Show weight of current song when playing (thanks again to Gregor

2005-11-23 v0.49 Adam Rosi-Kessel

* Add support for toggle "pause" key, default 'p'. Thanks to Simon Hart for
the patch.
* Add support for enabling/disabling UTF-8 output in MP3 tags, for people
who don't have UTF-8 xterm. Thanks to Gregor Herrmann for the patch.
(Closes: #337783).
* Add new keystroke to list available keystrokes while playing, default '?'
or 'h'.
* Improved sample randomplayrc with more comments and options. You can use
the sample randomplayrc as a template for all settings.

2005-10-30 v0.48 Adam Rosi-Kessel

* When advancing tracks, kill not just children of player program, but
all spawned processes. Thanks to Christopher Zimmermann for the

2005-09-01 v0.47 Adam Rosi-Kessel

* Display track information with an announcement program -- default is xosd.

2004-09-05 v0.46 Adam Rosi-Kessel

* If a specified player is not available, just don't play files of that
type, rather than halt program all together (except if no players are
* Update documentation.
* Remove sound-recorder recommendation; if you want to play anything other
than mp3 and ogg files, you should choose the players you prefer.

2004-09-01 v0.45 Adam Rosi-Kessel

* Remove WAV file player from defaults; most people don't include WAVs in
their music collections (I think!) and this way randomplay will start in
the default configuration even if you don't have sound-recorder installed.
(Closes: #269541).
* Fix bug where only alphabetical (rather than alphanumeric) extensions
could be configured in .randomplayrc; now you can define a player for mp3
files. (Closes: #269540).

2004-08-24 v0.44 Adam Rosi-Kessel

* Rewrite option processing to eliminate unnecessary variables (i.e.,
"$norandom") thanks to Long::Getopt "negate!" option.
* Reorganize options on manpage into sensible groups.

2004-08-23 v0.43 Adam Kessel

* Remove spurious "players" debug message on startup.

2004-08-20 v0.42 Adam Kessel

* Fix errors in sample randomplayrc.
* Add more flexibility to randomplayrc interpretation; can add arbitrary
whitespaces anywhere without harm, and make ( [ { interchangeable.
* Check to make sure base directory exists, if specified.
* Keystrokes are now user-definable at command line or in ~/.randomplayrc.
* Update documentation.

2004-08-19 v0.40 Adam Kessel
* Public release

2004-08-19 v0.39 Adam Kessel
* New random weighting functionality: hit + or - while a song is playing to
increase or decrease its probability of being played in future random
shuffles, or 0 or = to reset preference
* Improved randomization algorithm: should really be random now
* New switch --weight/--noweight to specify whether or not to use random
* New switch --verbose; if not specified then output from music player
programs is suppressed
* New behavior for --quiet: if specified, randomplay will not report the
name of each song as it is played
* Removed --altcancel option; it is no longer necessary now that you can
advance songs or cancel randomplay with keystrokes
* Display track metadata before each track is played if available; otherwise
display filename
* Updated manpage for new options and keystrokes while song is playing
* Improved documentation; include README, TODO, and sample randomplayrc,
fixed some erroneous references in Debian documentation
* Fixed makefile so it works without dpkg-buildpackage
* Fixed a bunch of warnings that appear when perl -w is used
* Added option to quit after the current playing song is done (default key
* Can now process arbitrary filename extensions, either at command line or
in ~/.randomplayrc, so could potentially be used for activities other than
playing music
* Implement hack to kill children processes when randomplay is run from
shell script; this will likely limit randomplay's portability
* Check that players are in path and executable before playing
* Add in several more error/sanity checks for file permissions

2004-07-17 v0.35 Adam Kessel
* --days=0 / -0 option now actually means "0 days," not one day

2004-07-16 v0.34 Adam Kessel
* Switch to my Debian address for maintenance, even though this is not yet in Debian
* Added --version switch
* Fixed ogg321 -> ogg123 as the default ogg player

2003-10-23 v0.33 Adam Kessel
* New system for handling --regexp options: spaces act as "ands"--significantly more convenient.

2003-09-20 v0.32 Adam Kessel
* --norandom switch now gives files in alphabetical order

2003-09-08 v0.31 Adam Kessel
* Improved documentation

2003-09-07 v0.3 Adam Kessel
* First public release