Google Calculator

New cool feature: the google calculator. Type all sorts of mathematical expressions in as your google search, and you get the result as your answer! It must all be part of google’s scheme to replace the URL with the google search. Actually, to replace your whole computer with a google search.

Aside from things like simple arithmetic (e.g., (24*7/3)^2 mod 5, you can also ask it things like three cups in tablespoons (and it tells you how many tablespoons!).

I also read somewhere that one of the top searches in google is cnn. That is, many people go to google and search for cnn rather than going to the fairly easy to remember Mozilla Firebird now seems to take you to the “I’m Feeling Lucky” google search result if you just type some random string into the URL bar.

Steve points out that you can also do searches for things such as radius of earth, and get a nice numerical result back from the google calculator.

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