Fort Lauderdale Rocks!

The Fort Lauderdale Airport· in Florida is the first one I’ve found where there appears to be free and ubiquitous WiFi. I’ve been quite frustrated over the past few months: every airport seems to have WiFi supplied by T-One Mobile where you need a subscription or day pass. I just want to check my email for 30 seconds—I don’t want to spend $7 for “unlimited” access for the day when I’m only passing through briefly.

But at Fort Lauderdale, you just turn on your WiFi and you’re instantly assigned an IP address, no firewalls, no payment schemes, just Permanet· (temporarily). And you get something like half a megabyte per second bandwidth—both up and down.


  1. Neale Jan 28

    Still true 3 years on also on a large part of Fort Lauderdale beach free wifi :)

  2. agerard Mar 13

    And still free today, 4 years and 2 months later! I love you, Ft. Lauderdale.

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