Sorry Planet Debian

Apologies to any Planet Debian readers for having just monopolized the front page with several stories; I moved a bunch of old stories to a new blog topic, and apparently Planet Debian thinks they are all now new stories, even though they have their old timestamp. If anyone knows a remedy for this, please let me know. (I guess this entry is further compounding my overpresence!)

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  1. Erich Jan 28

    I did the same, and in order to avoid the problem – planet only cares for the GUid, not for the date, talk to keybuk about that, apparently the date has troubles with daylight saving time and such for some sites – i modified my pyblosoxm (in fact i moved from blosxom to pyblosxom at the same time) to fix the guid. Worked fine.
    An alternative is to switch your blog url, that will make planet debian skip the entries already present and only show new ones. I used that to restrict planet to my english-language part.

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