is a scam (?)

Update (6/21/05): someone actually tried to purchase a Powerbook from this outfit; here is his story which seems to confirm that it is a scam as expected.

My cousin Rachel· pointed me to·, which appears to offer “rock bottom” prices on Apple laptops and desktops. The thing is, it’s pretty hard to find much variation in Apple prices—I think Apple keeps a pretty tight lid on new Apples, and last time I looked there wasn’t more than a 5% variation in top and bottom prices for the same new machine.

Which leads me to suspect that “” is a scam. Interestingly, a google search on the domain comes up with nothing relevant at all. The whois record is funny (in the odd sort of way): a California mailing address, but a Ukrainian email address and phone number. Not to be xenophobic, but my recent experience is that anything coming from a former Soviet Republic and relating to Internet commerce is…. sketchy.

It’s also worth noting that the domain name was just registered this month, and appropriates much of the look of the official Apple website.

I thus must reluctantly conclude that is a scam, unless anyone can present evidence to the contrary. Hopefully, this blog entry can serve as a tip-off to future searchers.

In any case, could you ever really trust a company with this as their emblem?

I suspect it will now be less than a week before Apple files a UDRP complaint, or perhaps something more aggressive.

Update: the site seems to have changed its prices from dollars to euros, which makes them slightly more reasonable. Still not sure if it’s legit, though.


  1. Steve Kemp Jan 28

    Look at the title on the front page too: ‘grafics’??

    I’d agree it looks highly suspect.


  2. Scott Jan 28

    I’ve seen this picture on the internet several times on various anime and Mac fanboy sites. The dude who created it is pretty protective of his stuff if I remember right, but I think he finally gave up on trying to get people to quit stealing it.

    But, yeah. The company definitely doesn’t look legit. After all, they’re using stolen artwork.

  3. Jan Jan 28

    If anyone’s interested, this is the original site of the artist:

  4. Rachel Jan 28

    Hey Adam, thanks for doing the research on this site, one of the things that tipped me off is that they claim to be an authorized Apple reseller, but according to Apple, they aren’t. I was also confused by the lack of google hits for The other confusing bit is that they are linked to a reputable United Kingdom computer reseller/leaser. The whole thing is very confusing and definately sketchy. Well, hopefully, your report will turn people away and save them from being ripped off.

  5. Jan 28

    i have done western union before. he is only asking for mtcn number. he still needs amt and name to receive money.

  6. Bruce Jan 28

    I just got there unsolisited email also and became suspicious. I do not know how they got my email and I could not google them. Besides anything Ukraine gets my fraud alarm going.

  7. dan Jan 28

    Ok after much fan fair, i was finally able to get through to a very uncooperative apple. they have no record of a “smart computers company” when i offered to give them the website they lady said we don’t care, we have people who do this and don’t require assistance… least she could have done was tell me she would forward it! on top of that when i called the online store to try to verify the site the first time the guy was willing to cut prices right there… so if you want to get a better than educational discount, thats how you do it just be like iam sketched about this site but want to use it cause its cheaper than just goes to show you what a “great” they treat their resellers when they are willing to undercut them. so in conclusion… don’t use the www, don’t bother trying to tell apple, they don’t care, and finally iam just going to buy an ibm that does more, runs faster, weights less, costs less, has a better battery, and has their own chip making facilities. hope the info helps (if you want to verify any authorized dealer just call corporate headquarters 408.996.1010)

  8. UG Jan 28

    Good sleuthing, NA. What is a UDRP complaint?

  9. Anonymous Jan 28

    I just purchased a Powerbook online

  10. Dude Jan 28

    Did anyone else notice that “Craig” never actually claimed to be an authorized dealer. The link says, “authorized dealer,” and then the link takes you to an authorized dealer.

  11. crmdem Jan 28

    did you ever notice that the guy’s name is Craig when you respond to him from Craigslist? just a little too fishy of a coincidence. I responded to 2 different postings on Craigslist and had just asked questions to his first email and he didn’t even recognize the name, just sent me the same email twice–fishy

  12. James D Jan 28

    This is a TOTAL scam. Any Powerbook purchase involving an international Western Union transaction should be considered suspect. I was contacted by “” after checking into a Craigslist posting.

  13. edward Jan 28

    yea…this sure looks funny and phony…notice the sentence structure used such as “thanks in advance…”…this sure aint american english dude

  14. ask627 Jan 28

    This is part of Craig Williams’ email back to me about my inquiry for this product:

    To get a sale price* payment would have to be made
    with a bank wire under our master corporate account
    of one of our US offices.

    Cash pickup is only available in Tallahasse, FL at the moment
    as it is the only state currently where we do have local store
    locations besides offices.

    Kind regards,


    *We also accept all major payment methods but up to
    40% tax may be applied.


  15. Sherman Jan 28

    Found it on Craigslist Los Angeles > Got the email from “Craig” > Looked at the site and came to the conclusion that NO ONE would get away with calling themselves “APPLE COMPUTER” >Notified Apple by email (investors relations) > Immediate response > they are taking care of it. Hence, as always: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true…

  16. Sherman Jan 28

    Found it on Craigslist Los Angeles > Got the email from “Craig” > Looked at the site and came to the conclusion that NO ONE would get away with calling themselves “APPLE COMPUTER” >Notified Apple by email (investors relations) > Immediate response > they are taking care of it. Hence, as always: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true…

  17. viper Jan 28

    Found the scam on Craigslist for Washington DC. Craig Williams again, now apparently operating out of 6201 Old Dobbin Lane, Columbia MD. I wish Powerbooks with 2GB Ram were 1500$ but it’s too good to be true.

  18. gremlin Jan 28

    Here is a judgement over the use of the domain:

  19. Adam Rosi-Kessel Jan 28

    Interesting–it appears that the domain name has been ordered transferred, but at this point it’s still apparently the scam site.

  20. Slacker Jan 28

    They’re back online:

  21. Wildstar Jan 28

    After extensive research, these guys are trying pretty hard to scam people. I e-mailed them off of Craigslist and they came back with multiple “spam” e-mails promising me this and that. The name the sales manager is using is a Michael Rusk (I’m assuming fake). I haven’t called called the number he gave me for corporate but maybe I should to ask them how much money they scammed today ?

  22. Steven Jan 28, as well as the later reincarnation, does exactly the same as what MacFanaticShop and several other such “shops” did. Read all about this long-running scam at:
    It also has been discussed in length at MacRumors:

    In short, they lure you in with low prices, make you pay by wire transfer and never send the products!

  23. Steven Jan 28

    Trying to make the links above clickable:
    About Apple / Mac scams:
    The MacRumors thread:

  24. trever May 13

    I was scammed by the so called ” Craig ” $2,500 dollars and never heard a word back. Contacted the police and they didnt do jack shit about it. STAY AWAY.

  25. Krishna Jun 24

    what is the purpose of lunching the website ………..may i know about your thought so that i can work out in similar bussiness like yours.

  26. Lou Jie Jun 26

    Well then this could serve as a fair warning to all that we shouldn’t be too trusting, especially if it involves money transactions. Aiming for cheaper acquisition is natural, but it won’t hurt if we get a bit suspicious of things being offered at much lower costs than normal. Sort of too-good-to-be-true stuffs.

  27. Marie Adviento Jun 27

    I don’t know much about scam sites but this blog will help many people especially to those planning to buy computers online.

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