City Council Primary Endorsements

The Boston City Council Primary Elections are tomorrow. This is an unusually contested race, with fifteen candidates running for the four at large seats. The primary will reduce the field to eight candidates. At least nine of these candidates have websites, and a few have blogs.

If any of my readers are Boston Primary Voters (you just need to be a registered voter in the City of Boston—you can check here), I’d urge you to vote at least for Félix Arroyo and Matt O’Malley. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between the candidates based on their platforms, since they are all pretty progressive (jobs, education, economic development, focus on the neighborhoods, race/gender equality, etc.), but these two guys have somehow managed to convince me that they’re better than the rest.

In the Boston Primary, you have a total of four votes to distribute among one to four candidates. At this point, I’m uncertain whether to give my four votes to Félix and Matt, or perhaps also include Sam Yoon and maybe… Particia White or John Connolly. I’m open to being lobbied in the next twenty-four hours.

Good discussion of the pros and cons of bullet voting.

Update: I’ve been lobbied to cast a vote for Kevin McRae as well. His “publicity hound” reputation had turned me off a bit, but someone-in-the-know suggests he’s got a good critique of the local elite’s undue control of the Boston Redevelopment Authority.