Google Print Italy

I was just experimenting with Google Print and discovered that a book I contributed to has been translated into Italian! Here’s the first page and last page of my essay. That’s kind of a funny way to find out you’ve been translated. I wonder if it the translation is accurate.

In any case, I can safely say that I am a member of that overwhelming majority of authors who can only benefit from Google Print. Not that I receive any royalties for that piece, but it’s still nice to think someone might discover that book who would otherwise never have heard of it.

(Incidentally — do Google Print links persist over time? I guess we’ll find out).


  1. Giordano Jan 28

    “Feltrinelli” it’s a famous italian publishing house, I read some pages and it’s seems a good translation.

  2. Mind Booster Noori Jan 28

    do Google Print links persist over time?
    Yes, they do.

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