November Foliage

The New England tourism industry has been hit hard this year by a weak showing of autumn colors. This Japanese Maple in our front yard has finally turned brilliantly red, though:


  1. Anonymous Jan 28

    Fall Foliage

  2. Jan 28

    hope you don’t mind ;)

  3. Adam Rosi-Kessel Jan 28

    No problem using the image as wallpaper. I’ve been meaning to put up a creative commons license of some sort… Probably noncommercial/attribution/share-alike.

  4. yudhi_gyuwandara Jan 28

    this is a good red leaves i have seen.

  5. Rossmarie Jan 28

    I’m sorry that before I haven’t ask for your permission first. In fact I really like your picture, it is the most beautiful picture of maple leaves I have ever seen. Is it possible to ask for the permission of this picture to be use in my Xanga background? It is so pretty…..

  6. Jonathan G. Jul 10

    I’m really interested in that tree, can you post more info on it? Like the latin name and the full name. I’m doing my landscaping and I think this tree is the one I need.

    Thank you

  7. Suzanne Oct 8

    What a beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing it.


  8. tristan Dec 11

    Hi, I’m so sorry I forgot to ak your permission first. I was wondering if I may use it as a background for my myspace page.
    It takes me forever to find pictures I acttually like, and I really LOVE this one.

  9. locky Mar 4

    i love this photo! it is magnificent! :p
    i was just asking, would i please be able to use this photo for my own use? the 1600 x 1200 version? i could just go look for others on google, but this is the one i want, so i will try hard to get it. please?
    i’d love to use it for my myspace.

  10. Jerome Sullivan Oct 19

    The scientific name is Acer palmatum. However I wonder if this specie is invasive/ alien to the New England region.

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