Nigerian-ish Scam

I just received my first “internal” Nigerian-type scam email:

There’s a new message in your inbox from jenny
Message details: hello Adam
Dear Adam, Please i decided to write you because i have no other alternative. Since after the death of my father in the hands of the rebels i have been in a very big difficulty of how to safeguard the money that my father left for me before his death because,the money is too much that i am afraid i dont know how and where to start to go about it. Please if you can help me try to reply me urgently and i will tell you how much and explain more to you and we can discuss fully and God will always bless you for your help whch i know you shall never regret as i am going to take you as my father. I am Waiting eagerly to hear from can write me through Sincerely Jennifer.

I suppose it was only a matter of time. I wonder if Friendster and other similar FOAF services are prepared to deal with the infiltration of their networks by scammers and spammers.

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