Hiring Hackers

Via the man who should be national security advisor, this fascinating email exchange between a “hacker” and a congressional staffer. The staffer wanted his college GPA “fixed” to improve his grad school outlook. The hacker apparently just wanted to mess with the guy:

If attention comes down, remember that we’re both equally liable in the actions. I’d rather not go to prison, you? I’ll use some snazzy IDS evasion techniques, spoof my IP, use my neighbor’s wireless, send decoy packets from a BitTorrent network, use some old PBX tricks to make them think it is an internal job and more. Think of all the stuff you see in the movies, but better.


  1. Steve Laniel Jan 28

    You saw, I presume, that the guy who solicited hackers got fired.

  2. Jamie Jan 28

    Best line:

    “One of their systems caught an early sniff, but was shut down with a smurf.”

  3. UG Jan 28

    Sounds like there’s a movie deal here…starring Gargamel, as the Smurf.

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