More Espresso Art

Via Jamie, an interview with an amazing espresso artist. As I’ve wondered before, it would be interesting to know if anyone has ever attempted to protect their copyright in espresso art. On further reflection, I think espresso art should meet the “fixed in a tangible medium” requirement, at least as much as ice sculptures which also tend to lose their form over time. I assume ice sculptures can be protected, although could not find an example in a quick search. I suspect the copyright office would accept a photograph as “identifying material” for the purposes of a registration deposit on a cup of espresso, as in the case of sculptural works.

Be sure to check out the embedded video — it eliminates any concern that the espresso art photographs might have been digitally enhanced.


  1. Anonymous Feb 27

    For that matter, an espresso artist that signs their work could likely trademark that signature.

  2. Anonymous Feb 27

    Clearly, we need a coffeeleft movement. :)

  3. Jamie Feb 28

    Unless, of course, the video has been digitally enhanced!

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