Chaiyya Chaiyya

A reason to love YouTube: Chaiyya Chaiyya.

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  1. Steve Laniel Mar 19

    I might tag that “mildly unsafe for work,” what with all the shaking and the independently-pilotable chestal areas and so forth.

    Why must Indian women have such an effect on me, I ask.

  2. KDS Mar 19

    A friend of mine saw it about 5 times after I showed it to her in Dec. And that too at work :p

    And now DDs love bollywood? WoW!

  3. Kamaraju Kusumanchi Mar 20

    It is a nice surprise to see Dilse’s song on Debian Planet. It is fun to see what others think about Indian movie songs… BTW, I am from India.

  4. me Mar 21

    The head shaking SO calls for a “what is love” remix…

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