Ralph’s World, More Music For “Children”

For those who care about kids…

I recently blogged about TMBG’s marketing genius in releasing “kids’” albums that adults who grew up to TMBG will love and buy. Another good example of kids’ music that you, too, can enjoy is Ralph’s World. It’s not quite as ironic or odd as TMBG, but still a good listen. Check out, for example, the RealAudio clips for Clean-Up (much better than the Barney version!), Baa-Baa Black Sheep, and The Coffee Song.

Speaking of Barney, apparently his music has been used to torture Iraqi detainees.

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  1. Nathan Mar 22

    Hey, I first heard the coffee song from a member of Ze Frank’s ORG, Awed Job. He does a really funny version with this bizarre mask that he calls “Mr. Sketch-it”. You can see it in the ORG: http://www.zefrank.org/user/videos/video/view/170. But it’s good to know you can actually buy this sort of music somewhere.

  2. Mind Booster Noori Mar 22

    The latest episode of Contrast Podcast is on “music for children”, and you might as well enjoy it :-)

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