The Song of the Day is…

Liberation Dance from the curiously-difficult-to-find album Anthem for the New Nations (yes, that’s CDN$97.18!) by Dollar Brand.

Unfortunately, I can only share a taste (mp3, ogg).

How music this good could be out of print is beyond me.

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Update: I added the Google embedded Mp3 player as an experiment and resampled the MP3. Apparently the Google MP3 player can only play files at 44.1 KHz correctly.


  1. George Feb 10

    I’m sure there must be some high quality digital copies available somewhere, iTunes perhaps? It would cost an insignificant amount to have it listed there, so if it’s not it’s just ridiculous.

    Still, from the excerpt that does sound really good, too bad I’m not throwing away 4000 rupees on just a CD, unless it also has the ability to cure common colds.

  2. adam Feb 10

    It’s not available digitally on Amazon, anyway.

    To clarify, I have the album. I’m just surprised it’s so hard to get.

  3. Kevin Mark Feb 11

    Hi Adam,
    as a jazzophile, I find this frustrating also. you’d think that those artist ‘down the long tail’ would want to maximize their potential and get their content on a system that would offer their content in digital download formats or print-on-demand cd format (like magnatune). Would it be possible that these artist may not have the legal right to have their work reissued? This seems like a lot of other work that is ‘in copyright’ and out-of-print.
    I checked the downtowm music gallery, a well known place for jazz in NYC.

  4. adam Feb 11

    It’s certainly possible that the artists doesn’t have the rights. I didn’t see a listing for this album at DTM Gallery either. It seems even more tragic when an album is unavailable than a book because it would be so easy (technologically anyway) to make it available and even have a continuing revenue stream from it.

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