This Person Apparently Has a Different Definition of “Off the Grid” Than I Do

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  1. BanjoPlayingHamster Feb 9

    Would be really appropriate if you actually do try to call David only to find that his phone is off the hook. In that case, he’d go from “what a moron” to “oooooh, he second-guessed me halfway to Nevada!”.

  2. Matthew W. S. Bell Feb 10

    Colour me new-fangled, but I don’t consider voice-tech to be part of the ‘grid’.

  3. adam Feb 10

    Apparently I’m dating myself. I thought “off the grid” meant no running water.

  4. Steve Laniel Feb 10

    Yeah, I’m old too. When I think ‘grid,’ I think ‘electricity.’

  5. Finite Feb 10 says “The term off the grid or off-grid refers to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities.” (electricity, water, etc)

    That is what I’ve always taken it to mean… there are plenty of off-grid homes with their own supply of power, water, etc… and wireless comms, too!

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