Obama and Tire Pressure

Via Steve — this is nearly perfect. It is immensely satisfying to see a Democratic presidential candidate  gracefully obliterate frivolous attacks rather than cower under them.

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  1. jldugger Aug 5

    I’m reminded a bit of the duck bank project where people were encouraged to help stop by filing bugs.

    Technically, sending out tire pressure gauges helps the cause!

  2. Steve Laniel Aug 6

    I saw Bill Clinton speak when I lived in D.C. (so somewhere between late 2005 and early 2007). I think he was partly responding to the Swift Boat fiasco when he discussed his way of responding to attacks. His opponent would say something like “Bill Clinton eats babies.” Rather than getting indignant about it, or haughtily ignoring it, Clinton said his strategy was to meet it head-on during a speech: “Now, my opponent is saying that I eat babies. Isn’t that just ridiculous?”

    It was nice to see someone finally learn this lesson.

  3. Tom Paine Aug 6

    Obama lied about how much tire pressure will help us

    The drive-by reporter of this story must be in the tank for Obama, because no where in the story does he reveal the truth of what Obama actually said. Instead, he tries to cover for Obama. What Obama actually said was that we could save as much by inflating tires and getting tuneups as we would gain by drilling for American oil offshore.

    That statement is false. No one would argue with the fact that tire pressure, avoiding jackrabbit starts and so on saves gas. Obama has a firm grasp of the obvious here. Obama’s problem is that he lied about the extent that tire pressure could help save gas, and he lied that we would save enough as we would gain by drilling offshore.

    So Obama lied when he said simply inflating tires and getting regular tuneups would save just as much oil as the offshore drilling McCain is proposing. The Obama campaign could not provide figures to back up his claim that inflating tires and getting tuneups would save just as much oil as could be produced by offshore drilling. The reason Obama had to lie to avoid supporting drilling is that he is beholden to the radical environmentalist leftists who want America to fail.

    John McCain wants to lift the ban on drilling and that would help Americans by reducing high gas prices. Obama wants to keep the ban in place and keep us buying oil from over seas, which will keep the price high. Obama doesn’t care about the little guy and his gas bills.

    Also, Obama assumes we as Americans are too stupid to know that we should keep our tires properly inflated. Even if 90% of Americans were riding around with half-flat or overinflated tires, we STILL could not save much oil just by fixing that. And the reality is most people inflate their tires correctly, so any impact from a few more doing things right is MINIMAL!

    I like John McCains “all of the above” approach. Of course McCain is like all of us, he understands that maintaining proper tire pressure is a good thing that provides minimal benefits. But even if Obama’s lie WERE correct, if we actually COULD save enough by changing tire pressure to offset drilling offshore, wouldn’t it be even better to do both? Because just think of how many gallons of gasoline we could have, how it would drive down the price of gasoline and a barrel of oil. Why not combine both: the drilling of new oil here in the United States, the continental shelf; plus the proper inflation of tires, to double the effect of the oil that we are drilling? Obama is for the weak “tire pressure” strategy while McCain is attacking the problem head on to lower our price at the pump, while agreeing that conservation and new sources are also important.

    Besides, you cannot grow an economy like America’s with just conservation.

  4. adam Aug 8

    I won’t erase the “Tom Paine” comment, but I will point out that it’s astroturf — the identical comment is posted in several other places. It doesn’t even respond to my entry: it begins by talking about “the drive-by reporter of this story,” but there is no reporter mentioned in my blog entry.

    See this article about the McCain campaign: Rewards Program for Online Commenters.

  5. Robert Aug 8

    Tom Paine is so funny.

  6. Tom Paine Aug 8

    Adam, so you admit you have no answer to the valid points raised in the Tom Paine comment?

  7. adam Aug 8

    Actually, I just don’t respond to astroturf. Especially poorly-cited astroturf.

  8. Tom Paine Aug 13

    I didn’t see any logical or factual answer in your last post. Please, if there is any answer to the facts and logic I raised, post it here. Your continued silence speaks volumes: Obama was wrong about tire pressure, wrong about the economy, wrong about the environment and the war. And he has no answer.

    “I am for hope and change and the future” is not an answer, it is an empty platitude. The American people don’t want a dangerous empty suit in the White House.

  9. Tom Paine Aug 13

    To Steve Laniel:

    The Swift Boat veterans for the truth were effective because they were truthful and accurate. They were there, they saw what John Kerry did and did not do, and they exposed the lie he was trying to perpetrate on the American people. That is why Kerry lost, he was not able to explain himself after he was exposed. And to this day, he has never explained all his errors and lies. He just goes around complaining that he was “Swift Boated”. But he was “TRUTHed”. And the truth will win out.

    The same thing is happening to Obama. People see the tire gauges, and they look to Obama, “Is this true, did Obama really say we could save as much from inflating our tires and getting tuneups as we would with all the drilling?”

    When they do a little searching, beyond the sycophant mainstream press and their lavish praise for Obama, they find that yes, Obama is for tire pressure but he is dead set against drilling off the coasts and in ANWR. Then they go fill up their gas tank for $70 and all the while the dollars are rolling up on the gas pump, they are thinking, “doesn’t Obama care about me and my budget?”

    Then they hear that McCain will drill off shore in an environmentally safe manner, they see the actual videos of the small region of ANWR where we want to drill (2000 acres out of the total 19 MILLION acres that make up ANWR, and in a remote, uninhabited and uninhabitable region), and they wonder, “Why did Obama and the Democrats lie to me and show me lush regions of Alaska with caribou frolicking, when that is no where NEAR the region we could drill?”

    So eventually when people learn the truth, they come around to the sane policies of Republicans, and they vote for the truth and for America.

    But the mainstream liberal media is in the tank for Obama, and they protect him and shield us from all his gaffs, and they promote him, because they think socialism and big government are the answer.

    Sorry Obama, we as Americans are not buying.

  10. Steve Laniel Aug 13

    Dear Tom Paine,

    You’re right: John Kerry has some explaining to do, as does the Pentagon for awarding him three Purple Hearts. It’s a shame that our military is incompetent in its vetting for awards, particularly such important ones. Let me know when the Pentagon gets back to you, explaining how it failed so egregiously.

    Presumably there are a lot of other Purple Heart winners who don’t deserve it. If we could fix the Pentagon mis-allocating Purple Hearts, we’d solve not just the case of John Kerry, but many other cases as well.

    This is a national disgrace.

  11. Adam McGahan Aug 13

    I, as an American, am buying.

  12. Tom Paine Aug 14

    Adam, you are buying a bill of goods. See the background on Obama at discoverthenetworks.org for many reasons why.

    To Steve Laniel: Yes I agree, it was a disgrace how Kerry misappropriated those purple hearts, then had the audacity to claim he was “for the troops” after he came back from Vietnam and stabbed his fellow soldiers in the back to advance his political career.

    Obama is a similar disgrace in how he buddied up to Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, Rev. Wright and his racist, anti-American rants for 20 years, now has the audacity to claim somehow he is for “reconciling the races”. Then he plays the race card by claiming folks won’t vote for him because he is black and doesn’t look like the other Presidents on the bills. Disgraceful and racist.

    Why can’t liberals be more like President Bush, who has a very diverse cabinet that looks like America? Why can’t liberals see past race like President Bush, who has Colin Powell, Rod Paige, Condoleezza Rice, Elaine Chao, Norman Mineta, Alphonso Jackson…the list goes on and on.

    The three most powerful black people in this country are conservative: Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

    Rod Paige – Bush’s Secretary of Education, Elaine Chao – Bush’s Secretary of Labor, Norman Mineta – Bush’s Secretary of Transportation, Alphonso Jackson – Bush’s Secretary of HUD…..the list goes ON and ON!…

    When I was a boy and then a teenager it was Democrats ‘standing in the schoolhouse door’ to prevent minority children from getting into the better schools.

    Now that I’m old enough to qualify for AARP membership it is Democrats standing in the schoolhouse doors to prevent minority children from escaping the public schools.

    Nothing has changed except the rhetoric. The Dems were the pro-slavery party in the 1800s, the party of the Klu Klux Klan in the first half of the 20th Century and in the dawn of a new millenia are still the Party of keeping minorities in ‘their place’.

    They say that conservatives respect tradition but there are few American traditions older than the racism of the Democratic Party.

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