Democratic Unity

A sure sign of the long road ahead of us to pull together in this election:

Can’t we all just join forces?

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  1. agerard Aug 27

    Apparently more people are supporters of Obama/Biden during the 0800 hour of the day. The rest of the day they’re pretty ambivalent. But from 8:00.00 – 8:59.59am they are passionate mutha f*ckers for Obama/Biden.

  2. Sam Aug 27

    Seriously man wake up. How can you even listen to this guy? From day one all I could do is laugh at what he expects to accomplish. Do you just believe everything that someone tells you? Looks at this guy’s family:,CST-NWS-brother21.article He sure as heck ain’t american enough for me that is for sure. One thing I see common in all of you democrats is your whining and hatred for the US. You have a hunger for laziness and free money that nothing can fulfill. You bad mouth the greatest country in the world and whine about the greatest health care in the world. You want everything thing for free, you have a thirst that can never be quenched. You want school to be free so that away we can be like china and india and require all of our dump truck drivers to have a bachlor degree. Don’t believe me? Call Dell tech support and you will be patched to someone in India making $2 a day even though he has a bachlor’s. Yea great idea.

    Bad mouth oil? Too expensive? How dare companies make a profit? One gallon of gas = 115,000 btu and cost $3, yet $900 solar panel = 683 btu? Yes I can see the profit there. Oh wait, yes I can see the profit, buy tons of green stock and elect democrat president, profit!

    Hmm who would al qaeda vote for I wonder?

    Democrats, they have a heart but do they have a brain

    Poor people, voting democratic for 50 years and still poor

    Get a clue man. If you want the american dream you have to go to work.<-period!
    lazy bums
    btw I am a mechanic and make $30k a year, I hope all the taxes that obama takes come straight from your wallet and go into mine!

    Either way I am fine with either president. Obama = my green stock going up and him stealing from the rich to give to the poor ( hey thats me!). Mccain = continued protection against towel heads, baby murderers, evil science, + all of the stuff I listed above.

    btw, I run debian because I am too poor for anything else (thanks for your hard work I hope you come to your senses one day)

  3. agerard Aug 28

    btw, I run debian because I am too poor for anything else (thanks for your hard work I hope you come to your senses one day)

    “Long time listener, first time caller…”

  4. Wonderland Aug 28

    No Monty Python life of Brian reference?

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