Madonna’s Latest

Apparently, Madonna is flooding Kazaa with spoof files of her song, containing an audio clip of her voice: “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”.

It will be interesting (and instructive) to see if this increases sales. Apparently, some people are using the audio clip as their system error sound. Other people hacked Madonna’s website and put up links to “free” downloads of the very music she’s trying to protect with her spoofing!

The trademark blog speculates as to whether this could constitute “self-tarnishment” of a mark, and what, exactly, that would mean.

Jeremy Glick on the O’Reilly Factor

A while back, the son of a victim of the World Trade Center attack went on the O’Reilly Factor (see also to speak against military action.

This transcript is an interesting reflection of the quality of discourse in American society. According to Harper’s Magazine, O’Reilly threatend to tear Glick to pieces after the cameras were turned off.