Defend Palestine Announcement

The following posting was sent to my school-wide email list, and originally appeared here, on the New England Committee to Defend Palestine email announcement list. I discuss the fallout here.

Protest the “Boston Celebrates Israel” Festival
Sunday, June 15
Gather at 11 AM – Old Northern Ave. Bridge, Boston

(Atlantic Ave. between Rowe’s Wharf and South Station, by the James Hook Lobster Co.) for a March to the World Trade Center

The protest of “Boston Celebrates Israel” on June 15 represents the third straight year that activists will confront the Zionists on their day of celebration. We demonstrated against Israel Day in 2001 in Brookline. We marched and rallied right next to the Zionists on the Boston Common last year. This year, these celebrants of racism, murder, colonialism, oppression, and genocide have been driven inside, and we will take our protest to their venue at the World Trade Center on the South Boston waterfront.

We protest because Israel has maintained its murderous occupation of Palestine for more than half a century, devastating the Palestinian people. Israeli “independence” has meant misery and deprivation for the indigenous Palestinians whose land was stolen to create the Israeli state.

We are outraged that this public celebration should take place in Boston. We protest the Israeli state, the U.S. government that backs, arms, and controls it to safeguard the profits of the U.S. oil companies, and the violent military occupation of Palestine.

End the occupation of Palestine!
End all U.S. aid to Israel – military, economic, and political!
Human rights for all Palestinians – including the right to resist and the right to return!

Sponsored by the New England Committee to Defend Palestine

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  1. kim edwards Mar 9

    The FBI visited my home yesterday and asked why my name and number was found on a particular person. I could not remember because the name was fake but the intent was not. I have been occupied with other matters and had it not been for their visit I might have gone about my life and thought about Palestine and her overwhelming suffering only in my heart. But no more! It is time for me to do whatever I can to help. It is simply a question of moral integrity.

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