More on Genetically Modified Foods

More on the question of whether there is scentific evidence against genetically modified foods.

Hot Potato: Don’t Worry, It Is Safe To Eat—The True Story Of GM Food, BSE, And Foot And Mouth by Andrew Rowell documents the blacklisting of Dr. Arpad Pusztai. In 1997, Dr. Pusztai performed an experiment where rats ingested genetically modified potatoes. Unexpectedly, the rats ended up with smaller livers, hearts, and brains, as well as weakened immune systems. Bill Clinton phoned Tony Blair, who ultimately arranged to stop the research and break up the research team. Ultimately, Dr. Pusztai’s research was published in the British science publication The Lancet, but was widely attacked in the press. No one has attempted to repeat Dr. Pusztai’s experiment to this day.

It all sounds like a bit of a conspiracy theory, but I haven’t found any evidence to discredit the accounting of facts given above. Read the longer version and decide for yourself.