Cheney v. Edwards

This debate is fairly nasty, and I can only see it getting more aggressive. I’m not going to “liveblog” the whole thing, as are many others.

What’s remarkable is how sharp both of them are. They are also flatly contradicting each other. The question is whether people will go and research the facts, or go with the candidate who they “trust” more at a gut level.

Interesting that Cheney referred to “” on the Halliburton issue. He actually meant (I’m sure the ad site .com got a few extra hundreds of thousands of hits from that, though). Although is down right now, probably also due to server load, a glance at the google cache of the page reveals many articles critical of the Bush campaign’s claims. I wonder if Cheney is just counting on people not actually checking the site, and just figuring it refutes the Halliburton attacks.