Passed the Bar

As it turns out, I passed the bar exam and will be sworn in shortly. I never received results in the mail, apparently because the court never processed my change of address. So I had to sweat it out until the results were posted on the web.

My immediate reward for passing the bar was these nice balloons. My long-term reward, I suppose, is that I never have to take that particular exam again. It’s a strong incentive to stay put for several years, so if I do move I don’t have to spend several months cramming my head with simplistic legal facts that have, at best, limited application in the real life practice of law.


  1. Anonymous Jan 28

    Kessel, Adam is wicked smaht

  2. Jamie Jan 28

    Yay! Nice balloons. They look like they’re made of solid vinyl.

  3. Ian Jan 28


  4. Ron Jan 28

    Adam– congrats, councilor!!! Now check sunday’s mail re “FreeVite” :)

  5. UG Jan 28

    Congratulations Nephew and Brother. Now you will get a chance to use all those simplistic legal facts you crammed into your head!

  6. agerard Jan 28

    Congratulations, but seriously dude, those balloons are bigger than you are.

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