Welcome Simcha

Here is the newest member of the Rosi-Kessel family:

Her name is Simcha, or שמחה if your web browser supports unicode. Actually, that didn’t work at all. If anyone can give me a hand with how to do Hebrew unicode in HTML, I would appreciate it.

We think she is about 8-10 weeks old, and was found outside with a broken leg. She has a little purple cast with a heart on it while it heals.

Update: Thanks to my commenters, it’s fixed. Had to insert a utf-8 charset tag in the “content-type” header.


  1. Yuri Jan 28

    The hebrew does (kind of) work if you set the browser character encoding to UTF-8. You should set the encoding of the page with a Content-Type meta tag.

    The ‘het’ (3rd letter) shows up as a box and two dashes. I would write simcha in hebrew like this: שמחה.

  2. Jamie Jan 28

    Uh oh. Rachel and I allergic to cats. So much for me coming to visit you! You’ll have to come to Brooklyn instead now.

  3. Shaya Jan 28

    I tend to try it out in OpenOffice and save it to html and then copy paste the hebrew to where I need it.

    this is what I get (unsure if it will work)


  4. Erinn Jan 28

    Squeal, she is so cute! I love black and white kitties. Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

  5. Daniel Cedilotte Jan 28

    Verry pretty kitty. Reminds me of my own.

  6. Gunnar Jan 28

    Congratulations! Be sure hu yavi rov simchá lechayecha ;-) (he will bring lots of happines to your life). And a lot of changes… Just as an example: http://gwolf.org/index.php?gadget=phoo&action=view_album&id=3

  7. agerard Jan 28

    Wow, she is adorable. Enjoy the kitten while it’s in the kitten phase it’s…umh…fun.

  8. paines Jan 28

    This is the sweetest kitty I’ve seen in a while.


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