Lessig on the Connection

Stay tuned—Larry Lessig will be on The Connection today, discussing the Grokster case. It’s a truism that you shouldn’t rely too much on the justices’ comments at oral argument, but some initial accounts suggest several were leaning in Grokster’s favor. At the very least they seemed to grasp the core issues and some of what’s at stake.

My near daily spam from the Christian Coalition finally addressed some issue other than Terri Schiavo (about whom I have thus far scrupulously avoided blogging!). Today’s headline was “Christian Coalition on Side of Hollywood in Today’s Supreme Court case (M.G.M. vs. Grokster)”. Apparently their big concern is pornography on peer-to-peer networks. I leave it to more clever pundits to elucidate the irony of the Christian Coalition supporting Hollywood in an effort to keep sex away from our nation’s vulnerable Christian youths and adults.