Esther Naomi

Esther Naomi Rosi-Kessel, born 4/6/05 at 4:13am, 8 lbs 9 oz, 20 inches.


  1. jonarnar Jan 28

    oh my, she is a darling… congratulations ! Although I must admit that as a european I have no idea what she weighs hehe

  2. KDS Jan 28

    A future FOSS developer ;)

  3. Ari Pollak Jan 28

    For first comment:

  4. Giovanni Jan 28

    Congratulations from Italy !!!!!!!!!

  5. Gunnar Jan 28

    Wow, at 20″ you can almost fit her in a rack! ;-)

  6. Jamie Jan 28

    Wow she’s a spitting image of her father! So cute!!!

  7. edward Jan 28

    Adam, a big congratulations from New York! I still remember when you were the punk mathematician who sat down next to me in math class at C.V.U., and now you’re a father – unbelievable! wishing you the best, Edward

  8. Tony Bartling Jan 28

    Congratulations. Given her genes, she’s probably going to end up ruling the free world or saving it.

  9. Debbie and George Dameron Jan 28

    She is beautiful and already famous!

  10. Beth, Keir, and Ben Jan 28

    Congratulations! She is beautiful : )

  11. The other KDS Jan 28

    About all I can say is wow.

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