Origins of Bluetooth

Maybe I’m the last one to know, but I just discovered the origin of the name “Bluetooth.” According to CNet’s Quick Guide to Bluetooth Headsets:

What’s in a name?
In case you were wondering, Bluetooth gets its name from a 10th-century Danish king, Harald Blatand (or Bluetooth) who unified Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. According to legend, he had an affinity for teeth-staining blueberries. Oh, and the logo combines the runic alphabetic characters for H and B.

I thought that was pretty cool. I had always assumed it was just a fanciful made-up name.

(By the way, this entry obviously follows from the last few—with a newborn baby, the more hands-free and cordless appliances you have, the better!)

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  1. Tim Sylvester Oct 2

    Ok, I understand the word’s origin, but can you explain why today’s devices are named after him?

    Is it due to his desire to keep in touch with his military commanders as he united the Scandavian countries?

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