Get the latest version of salonify as a tarball (v0.82, released 9/15/05). Or read the changelog.

salonify is a free software web-based image gallery system written by Adam Rosi-Kessel in perl 5.8. Here is a sample installation with a few images. The Electronic Privacy Information Center serves photos with a stripped down version for their Observing Surveillance website. I hope other people will find it useful.

salonify generates thumbnails and a slideshow based on an entire directory hierarchy of images. The slideshow takes advantage of JavaScript features, but it works perfectly well with JavaScript turned off. The viewer can also choose from three image sizes and rotate images if they are not properly oriented. The presentation is reasonably consistent across all browsers; it even renders well in w3mimg. It also permits anybody looking at the images to add or modify the captions, turning the act of viewing the photos into more of a participatory activity. In future versions, the administrator will be able to selectively allow certain people to change captions or turn off the feature entirely (right now, the administrator can turn captioning on or off for everyone as desired).

Please email me with a link if you use salonify, and let me know whether I can list your site here.

salonify is listed on

There is an old Debian package for salonify, but it needs to be redone and updated for the latest version. For now, I would suggest using the tarball.

A more complete feature list and some more information will appear here some day. For now, get the tarball above, which includes some documentation. Also check out the sample installation.

Contents (full package):


  1. Art Lader Jan 28

    So, Solonify generates more-or-less accessible HTML? This means it at least creates alt-tags for each image? Is that correct?

  2. Adam Rosi-Kessel Jan 28

    Yes. The alt tag for each image is the caption. Anyone visiting the page can add or modify captions; or the administrator can disable user-captioning. I’m not really sure how useful an image slideshow program is without any images, but it does support that functionality.

  3. Art Lader Jan 28

    That’s great!

    I am trying to get it to work right now, but am not very good at getting anything but the simplest scripts up and running. I may just pay someone to install it for me.

  4. Adam Rosi-Kessel Jan 28

    If you send me your email address, I can probably put you in touch with someone who could probably do it remotely (over the phone/Internet) at a reasonable cost and quickly, who is familiar with the code.

  5. Anonymous Jan 28

    > I’m not really sure how useful
    > an image slideshow program is
    > without any images

    Hmmm… But the alt tags, long desciptions, captions, etc., all should help people who use screen readers, for example, get more out of the site than they otherwise would, I hope. Not perfect, I know, but at least an attempt to be inclusive.

  6. Art Lader Jan 28

    > If you send me your email address…

    That would be super. Let’s use my school address. (I am a high school teacher and this is a service project.) e-mail: [removed]


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