Device Malaise

Below is a sampling of devices present at a small family gathering on Martha’s Vineyard. Not shown is the digital camera used to take this photo, as well as a number of chargers, USB cables, and devices including an iPod, a GPS mapping device, a Nintendo 64, more cell phones, and binoculars. (Well, okay, I don’t know if “binoculars” count as a device).

Are we going to look back on these days of endless device proliferation and laugh at our erstwhile profligacy, or are we going to sink further into the unholy morass? So far “all-in-one-devices” (cell phone/PDA/camera/MP3 player) have been kind of sucky, so I fear we are heading more toward the latter option.


  1. Simon Raven Jan 28


    Not on-topic, sorry about that, but it seems to me that you’re using some variant of blosxom there. How did you get the plugins to work like they should? Mine seem to not work at all. Say I have a $lastmodified::foobar in a template, it doesn’t get parsed and all I get is a blank space ( “” ).

  2. Jamie Jan 28

    From the picture, I can help but notice that your problem may not be the proliferation in the number of different devices you have, but the inordinate replication of each type of device. Four cell phones? Five digital cameras?

  3. Jamie Jan 28

    Sorry that should say I CAN’T help but notice…

  4. Adam Rosi-Kessel Jan 28

    Oh, I guess I should have made clear that they’re not all mine. There are a couple families here–but it is still inordinate. Each person has their own cell phone, digital camera, in some cases camcorder, etc..

  5. sketchelement Jan 28

    I have to say that I’m a little surprised at the number of laptops present at a family gathering.

    I notice a familiar looking D600 on the table…

  6. Rachel Jan 28

    Guess how many of the laptops belong to Adam? TWO! Did you really need to bring two laptops on our three day vacation? Also, in response to Jamie, there were actually eight cell phones on this trip (out of nine people–Esther was the only one without a phone) There were five MP3 players and six cameras (both video and still). I think we have a problem in this family.

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