Flym Testifies Against Alito

I learned just last week that my law school professor John Flym was counsel in the Vanguard Case. He testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday.

It appears that John is also retiring. This will be a great loss for Northeastern Law School. He was one of my favorite professors at Northeastern. Some students didn’t understand his clinical approach, which among other things demanded that we take nothing for granted and rejected easy or prefabicated answers to questions, but I found his teaching to be some of the best preparation for practicing law in the real world.

Right wing critics have predictably attempted to dig up “dirt” to discredit John—e.g., Baseball Crank: LAW: Who Is John Flym?. I don’t mind linking to that entry and increasing its PageRank, however, since I don’t find anything objectionable in the “dirt” the writer has dug up. In fact, it only increases my respect for the man. (He opposes nuclear weapons and torture? How shocking!)

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