Falsiness. At some point, meta-humour became the new humour. I happen to love it.

Incidentally, when are we going to get a flash player for linux that doesn’t have a/v sync problems? It seems like flash may be winning the video format war, and it would be nice if it really worked cross platform.


  1. Ben O’Steen Jan 28


    Flash A/V sync had been annoying me for a while. This fixed it for me on Ubuntu Dapper, using an AudigyZ2 card.

    However, it seems to be unstable, and can freeze your firefox instance, so YMMV.

  2. Josselin Mouette Jan 28

    Incidentally, it would be nice to have a free flash player that understands videos.

  3. Steve Laniel Jan 28

    At some point, meta-humour became the new humour.

    Meta-meta-observation: Adam Gerard and some other friends of mine pointed out a couple weeks ago that “X is the new Y” shows up all over the place. “X is the new Y” is the new finger-against-the-corner-of-the-mouth-like-Dr.-Evil.

  4. Joshua Kugler Jan 28

    See http://blogs.adobe.com/penguin.swf/2006/07/stoppage.html According to the last paragraph, in Flash player Nine for Linux (still in devel) the “A/V sync is outstanding.”

  5. Jesse Hammons Jan 28

    LOL … Flash A/V sync is broken on *all* platforms … so fear not, you are included rather than excluded.

    (I run Flash 8, the current version for Mac OS X Tiger, so I don’t know about Flash 9)

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