GOP Falls Deeper Into the Gutter

Gosh, I thought our own Republican gubernatorial candidate Kerry Healey had hit rock bottom with deceptive, racist, scaremongering television ads — e.g., this one (“What kind of person defends a brutal rapist?”) and this one (“Here’s a question: have you ever heard a woman compliment a rapist?”) (commentary). Hopefully it will backfire.

But now, via the trademark blog, this in Tennessee.

Update: and now this.


  1. Nathan Jan 28

    Adam, this is nothing. Have you heard about Bob Beauprez, Republican gubenatorial candidate in Colorado? He has published an attack add on Bill Ritter, suggesting that Ritter is soft on illegal immigrants (rings familiar?). The add shows an illegal, granted a plea-bargain under Ritter, the former CO DA, who subsequently turns up in California on child molestation charges. The problem is that the information could not have been acquired except by illegally accessing an FBI database that could link these two crimes. Turns out that the Beauprez camp accepted a tip from an FBI officer who had accessed that database, and then they used the information for political gain. Pretty sad!

    Even better: Beauprez responds that the agent “did the right thing” in leaking said information!,2808,DRMN_24736_5083607,00.html

  2. Alex Oct 11

    The GOP is going in the gutter? How about this Democratic congress and their attempts to muzzle talk radio? How about Hillary Clinton hiring convicted criminal Sandy Burger as a political advisor? How about that corrupt congressman William Jefferson and his $90,000 in cash stashed away in a freezer? Despite the ongoing investigation of Jefferson, you don’t hear much of that from the media because they just assume that you forget about it.

    Those in glass houses should not throw stones.

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