Crash at Roslindale Medical Center

I live almost across from the Greater Roslindale Dental and Medical Center. I noticed this on a short walk this morning, viewing the Medical Center basement from the east looking west on Washington Street. I took these photos with my cell phone (I apologize for my thumb in the bottom image — it’s not the most ergonomic design for snapshots). Click on either image for slightly larger versions:

I overheard someone say that an 87 year old man driving a car just flew into the building (not an easy feat considering the design of the intersection — no street actually points in this direction). He apparently at least survived the crash and was taken to the hospital. It’s hard to avoid thinking that this is an eminently predictable and avoidable problem. There are a lot of people out there who shouldn’t be driving. The state should revoke their licenses. The state should also provide a workable alternative for them to get around.