Proof of Spring 2007

For anyone who doubts the arrival of Spring 2007:

Flower Spring 2007

Update: all of the below was fixed by disabling Privoxy! Who would have guessed?

Meanwhile, I can’t for the life of me get the gallery2/wordpress integration plugin (wpg2) to work. I decided it was time to get organized and stop storing/uploading photos in a totally ad hoc fashion. When I try to validate the wpg2 installation, however, I get this error:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/adam/public_html/ in /home/adam/public_html/ on line 1221

When I then click to confirm that I want to validate, I get an empty page back.

No errors in apache logs.

This problem appears to have come up several times, and the most I can gather is the Gallery people point the finger at the Gallery Plugin people; the Gallery Plugin people point their finger at the Gallery people; and sometimes everyone points their finger at the WordPress people. E.g.

Not the best way to spend a beautiful spring day.


  1. Steve Laniel Apr 29

    I discovered a while ago that — for me — Privoxy was just not worth the headache. “This website’s not working right [20 minutes later] Oh yeah, Privoxy’s on. Well, let’s see what setting’s off … is it maybe that Privoxy is turning all cookies into session cookies? [tweak setting, restart browser] Nope, that’s not it. Maybe it’s compressing headers? [20 minutes later] Got it.” Just not worth the time. For me.

  2. adam Apr 29

    Agreed. Privoxy hasn’t evolved. Although I never do the workflow you describe above — I just SwitchProxy to disable it when I am testing if that is the problem.

    In any case, I recently discovered Adblock Plus, which seems to do the same thing for half the money!

  3. Luis Villa Apr 29

    If I could ask a question while you’re discussing wp plugins, Adam :) How are you getting the (comments) link in your feed? That is something I’d like to do, but haven’t seen how. Thanks!

    (Oh, and please do continue to share your wpg experiences; I’ve been thinking about installing it but keep getting scared off by the apparently irregular release schedule and haphazard integration.)

  4. adam Apr 29

    Hmm. I don’t think I did anything special to get the (comments) link. It was just the default installation for the most recent WordPress as far as I remember.

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