TSA Gripe of the Day

I arrived back late last night from DC (National Airport, called “Reagan” by some) to Logan Airport. I got to National about an hour before my departure and checked two bags. Only one of them appeared at the baggage claim on the other end. The U.S. Air baggage people were surprised; they said National rarely loses or delays bags, especially where the passenger checks in with reasonable lead time.

My second bag finally arrived this afternoon. I found the solution to the mysterious delay within: a Transportation Security Administration “Notice of Baggage Inspection.” Presumably they held my bag for too long or it just didn’t get routed properly after being manually inspected.

I don’t believe the random manual inspections provide much improvement over the full CT scans now mandated at all airports. But apparently they do create inconveniences.

On another note, I noticed for the first time this trip that the now obsolete “no smoking” signs above every seat have been replaced with “turn off electronic devices.” (Query which is more addictive.)



  1. Henry Jan 12

    Re: “turn off electronic devices”. If Joe Average can bring down the plane with his cell/ipod/laptop, why the hell are they even allowed aboard? Is there any data supporting the idea that you can confuse a $100 millon dollar plane with a simple consumer item?

  2. B Jan 15

    Just so you know, TSA does not keep the bag after it has been checked. If your bag was left, forgotten, lost.. That was the baggage handler. And, not all airports have CT scanners.

    Sorry you lost your bag, though at least you got it back. I haven’t had to go through that,..yet.

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