Joe the Plumber… isn’t a plumber?

I haven’t been blogging this election at all recently — there are enough folks out there saying just about everything that should be said (and lots that shouldn’t), but I couldn’t let this little tidbit slip by without mention.Via the TaxProf blog:

Also, the Trademark Blog notes the flurry of related domain name registrations.

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  1. Joe Buck Oct 17

    It gets worse. At first it appeared that the guy wasn’t registered to vote. But it turned out that his name is mis-spelled in the voting rolls. This ordinarily wouldn’t be a problem, but the Republican Party is suing Ohio to try to force them to purge their voting rolls of “fraudulent voters”, and the standard for “fraudulent” is that the name doesn’t match the official records. So will the Republicans succeed in keeping their shill from voting?

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