Climate Hope

Via Steve (new domain name, otherwise as usual), this inspiring little PowerPoint-ish presentation from Dr. Steven Chu, Obama’s choice for Secretary of Energy:


This video features about as many charts per minute as did An Inconvenient Truth, but left me far more hopeful about our long-term prospects on Earth. It is reassuring to see so many powerful positions being filled by people with domain expertise, rather than partisan hacks. If this administration doesn’t get us back on course, we might as well stop having children.

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  1. Drizzt Dec 13

    I’m from Europe and therefore not as directly affected by a new government in the USA as you are but nonetheless I’d like to caution you with a quote from Obi-Wan Kenobi: »[He] is a politician, and they are not to be trusted.« Don’t expect anything will be better until you have hard prove of it. Otherwise you get too easily disappointed-

    Please don’t get this wrong, but that’s my experience with politicians.


  2. adam Dec 13

    Actually, Steven Chu is an experimental physicist, not, to my knowledge, a politician. Of course Obama is a politician, but the fact that he has appointed and relied on various non-political (or at least less-hackish) experts for his policies is an encouraging sign.

  3. Drizzt Dec 15

    Hm, after reading my comment again I must admit it isn’t clear to whom I’m referring with the »he«. I meant Obama. I think in the end it’s he who is responsible that all his claims about change (for the better) are going to become real. After all he promised it to the voters.

    But I agree that it is a positive sign, that he seems to get real experts into his team. Now the only missing part is: he actually listens to them and those experts don’t get bought by some lobbyists…


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