Czar Thought

When did it become so fashionable for the United States to have czars for everything? Apparently, the first “drug czar” was appointed at the height of the cold war. Do we have nostalgia for the good old days in pre-communist Russia?

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  1. Baloo Uriza Dec 21

    It’s a neoconservative thing. We’re not supposed to understand unless we’re the top 5% of wage-earners and have Alzheimer’s. So sayeth the Reagan.

  2. Friedrich Dec 22

    It’s just fu…. nonsense.

  3. Winnie the Whine Dec 22

    I don’t like your idea of saving water for the future. People need water, right now! In Africa average of 50 people die everyday due lack of water.

    DO SOMETHING ADAM. This cannot go on like this. Saving water is just stupid.

  4. Tony B Dec 23

    It appears that Winnie has just nominated you for the post of Water Czar, Adam. Will you accept?

  5. adam Dec 23

    That really depends on whether my wife can be a Czarina as well.

  6. Winnie the Whine Mar 31

    Good point Adam. Now that your wife must’ve given her answer (which I hope was positive) you may start sharing the water. I believe that you really can make a difference this way.

    I must add just one thing:


    P.S. For Friedrich (who commented earlier): It’s nothing but nonsense, I would name it yes-sense (if there ever was such a word)

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