I started this blog over a decade ago. Over time, my priorities have changed—family, work, home, etc. Many other avenues for online self-expression have also developed in the interim. I’m done for now. Old entries remain online, but do not necessarily reflect any of my current views, and certainly do not reflect any views of any of my employers.

LazyWeb: Search for non-OCR’d PDFs?

Another LazyWeb request: any suggestions for how to search (on any platform) for PDFs that have not been OCR’d?

Algorithmic Glitch

How did Facebook come up with this?

How did Facebook come up with this?

Fuzzy Accounting

Cell phone photo from West Palm Beach Gas Station:
It’s this sort of fuzzy accounting that got us into this mess to begin with.

Vegetarian Shout Out to Radius

Boston offers slim pickings for vegetarian fine-dining options in the financial district. Most nice places have some sort of pasta dish and not much else. I have forgotten several times, but now write this blog entry to permanently remember, that Radius at 8 High Street is an excellent choice for vegetarians. Although almost nothing vegetarian appears on the menu, you can just tell the waiter that you are vegetarian (along with any other restrictions), and the chef will prepare a plate of three unique fancy concoctions. I’ve had lunch with other vegetarians, and each of us got three entirely different creative and delicious dishes. They were complex enough that I won’t attempt to describe them here. I’m not sure how they chose who got what, but we were all pleased.

Of course, dessert is always vegetarian:

Excuse the quality; this is a low-light low-resolution image taken by cell phone. It was called “Butter Cake” but went well beyond the humble title. Those specks around the outside are dried grapefruit.

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