Caching Feature

I’ve been working on a few new features for this weblog. Aside from the search box in the sidebar, I’ve written a program that creates a local compressed cache of all outgoing links. This allows you to see a snapshot of whatever page I link to at the time it was linked, and also to see the content if the other server is down or the content is gone.

There is now a little dot following each link when there is a corresponding local cache file. For example, check out The Dick and Jane Reader for Advanced Students· from this month’s McSweeney’s· (parental discretion advised.) The dots to the right of those links should lead you to a local cache.

My weblog also automatically adds “titles” to outbound links—that means you should be able to hover your mouse pointer over a link and see the title of the linked document.

I’d appreciate any feedback on these new features. Particularly let me know if you notice any bugs, odd behavior, or ugliness with particular browsers. I haven’t had an opportunity to test with any Windows-based browsers.