Generic Linux Wireless Card

Does anyone know whether common so-called “generic” PCI WiFi cards work under Linux? pricewatch, the Internet’s best competitive marketplace for technology (often beats eBay), lists 802.11b PCI cards as cheap as $16. I’ve tried contacting the vendors of these “generic” cards but haven’t been able to get anyone to tell me the chipset or whether or not the card will be useable under Linux. Can any of my readers give me a tip?


  1. Daniel Silverstone Jan 28

    If I were you, I’d go for the Netgear WG511 — it’s cheap, uses the ISL3890 chipset ( driver — in 2.6.5 and above) covers my experience with them. They’re grand.

  2. Adam Kessel Jan 28

    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I think the Netgear WG511 is a PCMCIA card, while I’m looking for a PCI card. Any tips on a PCI card?

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