What’s up with Verizon?

I’ve been building a litany of criticisms of Verizon, to which I fork over something on the order of $200 a month for two cell phones, a land line, broadband, and fees too numerous to mention. I’m in a real crunch time right now, though, so let me just settle for one question: why does Verizon always make me call several different phone numbers when I need to change something? Aren’t they the phone company? Shouldn’t they have fancy phones that let them transfer a call from one Verizon office to another? In fact, I bet they don’t even have to pay long distance charges!

More exactly, why do I have to do all this calling? I’ve been trying for several months (since August, actually) to consolidate my two cell phone accounts into one account, and then consolidate that account with my landline and broadband, and have one bill that is automatically charged to my credit card each month (no discount for that—just “convenience”). Last night, I called Verizon Wireless Customer Support, asking them why it’s taken three months to do this. They told me I had to call Verizon Wireless One Bill. Verizon Wireless One Bill told me that Verizon Wireless Customer Support didn’t know what they were talking about, and I had to call Verizon Residential One Bill, but they were closed. Now, why can’t Verizon Wireless Customer Support just call Verizon Wireless One Bill or Verizon Wireless Residential One Bill for me and take care of it? In fact, I bet they even have interoffice email, so perhaps they could do it that way.

Anyway, just imagine four or five more stories along those lines. I’ve got ‘em.


  1. Jon Garfunkel Jan 28

    Must be those pesky unions keeping thing separate! ;-)

  2. Anonymous Jan 28

    Phoney baloney at Verizon

  3. monica Jan 28

    as far as I’ve heard, Verizon (the landline company) and Verizon Wireless are two seperate companies. the support for the landline company is terrible, but the Wireless support isn’t too bad.

  4. Simon Jan 28

    They are a big faceless telecom company – most of them are this bad.

    I’m stuck with British Telecom, I went through every option in one of their phone menus once (press 1 for…), and every option eventually asked you to call another phone number – urm clue = zero and decreasiing.

  5. Anonymous Jan 28

    2/27 Globe City Weekly links

  6. Logical1 Mar 5

    What I’m trying to figure out is…. Who is Verizon??? After being tossed around in Their quagmire of number calling games…. and asking the simple question…. Does Verizon actually sign your Paycheck? I discovered that 6, out of the 7 people I spoke with, were Sub-contractors! I had One-Bill, and a billing discrepancy, that was generated by them. After 2- 1/2 hours of Phone Tag, and finally speaking to a Verizon Supervisor, I thought my issue was resolved. Feeling pretty frustrated, and beat-up, I went to the store to relax, and get some groceries. While at the store, I received a call from Verizon’s Collection Dept. As you can guess, I went completely Ballistic with this condescending Biotch, who felt right at home, harassing people. After giving her all the answers, she’s not used to hearing, her tone changed when she said “Sir, I apologize, I just refreshed my screen, and I see this problem has been cleared up? Can you explain to me, why Verizon erased these charges? I replied….. Yes! It’s because YOU People created this Problem, and it took me 2-1/2 hours of Phone calls, and Seven Customer Service reps, before YOU guys could understand, where YOU made The Mistake! And now YOU’RE just the living proof, that YOUR dysfunctional Company’s Right Hand, Doesn’t know where the left hands at!

    So, Here is what I’ve learned…..(1) WHY WAS MY ONE-BILL TERMINATED? Answer: Verizon has sold many of their Land Line Bundles! Because of their sale, they have canceled many customers “One-Bill” accounts! Only the supervisor had this information! (2) WHO IS MY CURRENT LAND LINE COMPANY? Answer: I’m not certain, Sir! (3) Why does Verizon’s Home Service, One-Bill Departments records show that my payments were posted to the billing cycles I have on record, and you’re stating that they were meant for a period, two month’s earlier? Answer: I realize that it’s confusing, but that’s because you actually pay for 1 month in advance…..My response: You’re right, there is a lot of confusion, on your end! (4) Are you an actual Verizon Employee, or are you a Contractor? Answer: 6/7 No. We’re contracted to Verizon. (5) Who is Verizon? Answer: Silence. In closing, I received a special offer through the Mail, from Verizon Wireless, stating I could save $30 dollars a month, by canceling my Home Phone, and upgrading my cellular package….. Hmmmmm, Now why would a company like Verizon, want me to spend less money???? Oh ya, Could it be, since they sold that part of their business, they could be trying to screw the purchasing party, out of what it is, they think they’ve bought????? Nope, that would be Unethical?

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