Sid Annoyances

A couple of annoyances that have appeared with recent upgrades—any suggestions? A quick scan of debian-user archives suggest others have similar problems but I haven’t seen a clear solution:

  • udev no longer creates CD-ROM symlinks. /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info and /etc/udev/scripts/ are in place, and everything appears to be configured properly, but it’s just not happening. Why aren’t they created under the default configuration?
  • NFS drives no longer automount at boot-up. I have no idea why this is happening—they mount fine manually. Any clues?


  1. Mattias Jan 28

    My CD-ROM no longer appeared on my Gnome Desktop a few days ago when I put a CD in the tray. I don’t know when it stopped working, but after a lot of troubleshooting, it turned out that I had the kernel module ide_scsi loaded. That module is deprecated and should never be loaded. It was loaded from initrd, which meant that no amount of hotplug/discover tweaking would make it go away. I ended up recompiling my 2.6.12-kernel without ide_scsi (and without OSS since it too was loaded from initrd) and my CD-ROM works again.

  2. Josh Triplett Jan 28

    I run latest unstable, with udev 0.068-2 and the whole Project Utopia stack, and CD-ROM symlinks work fine here:

    $ find /dev -type l -lname hdc 2>/dev/null

    (BTW, could you perhaps add “pre” and/or “tt” to the list of tags permitted in comments?)

  3. Adam Rosi-Kessel Jan 28

    Mattias: the devices and modules are created; just not the symlinks. Josh: isn’t Project Utopia just about automatic mounting, etc., at the Gnome level? My problem seems to be purely with udev when it recreates /dev and not the symlinks. (I’ve added both HTML tags as requested, also).

  4. Mick Jan 28

    Make sure U have a 2.6.13 kernel or later, it’s needed to work with the latest udev.

  5. Adam Rosi-Kessel Jan 28

    Well, there’s not much later than 2.6.13, except I guess But in any case I am running 2.6.13. I don’t think it’s a kernel issue, since the device nodes are being created; it’s just the symlinks script doesn’t seem to be running (or running properly).

  6. Jason Martens Jan 28

    I’ve been having the same problem with testing until I upgraded to udev .068-2 which hit testing yesterday.

  7. Josh Triplett Jan 28

    Adam: Project Utopia is the name for the top-to-bottom stack of udev, HAL, D-BUS, and gnome-volume-manager; only the last of those is responsible for the GNOME automatic mounting. The whole stack is working fine here, including the symlinks. What version of udev are you using, and when did the problem start appearing?
    Also, thanks for adding the tags; one minor issue, though, is that they don’t appear in the list of tags displayed below the comment field.

    Jason: I’m running 0.068-2 as well, though I don’t recall having any device problems before upgrading to that version.

    Mick: AFAIK you just need 2.6.12 or newer.

  8. Adam Rosi-Kessel Jan 28

    Josh: fixed the tag info, thanks. I’m using udev out of unstable, currently 0.070-1, but the same problem was there with the 0.068 releases, and perhaps also the 0.067 releases. I’m at a loss as to how to troubleshoot it–all of the information udev should need to figure out which drives are CD-ROMs is there in /sys.

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