Boston Mayoral Debate Video

Apparently, the video of the Boston mayoral debate, which was supposed to be available for “on-demand” viewing from Comcast until the election, was only up for 48 hours after the debate. I don’t understand why it’s not just online—it seems to that political debates are the ideal sort of non-copyright-sensitive content that ought to be freely available on the Internet. The Supreme Court has noted that the Internet is “a vast platform from which the public may address and hear from a worldwide audience of millions.” Reno v. ACLU, 521 U.S. 844, 853 (1997). So why isn’t it working on this local political issue?

If has a link to a video of the debate online, please let me know. If not, if anyone has a videotape of the event, contact me, and I’ll put it up here.