No Content, Some Links

I realize my blog has been pretty low on original content and commentary lately, probably due to the continuing effects of working as an attorney and having a six-month-old baby daughter, combined with the difficulty of writing about interesting legal/technological topics without touching on anything I’m actually working on in my job so as to preserve client confidentiality. I have a number of interesting issues to write about, I just haven’t figured out the right way to do it yet.

So, to continue with the “no original content” theme, here’s a great film about the President’s speechalist.

Entirely unrelatedly, I’ll put in a plug for Paris, Texas, the latest occupant of my “current favorite film” slot. I’ve enjoyed all of Wim Wenders films, but this one may take the cake.

Also, while I’m on an atypical blog entry, I’ll be in Chicago around Christmastime. I figured—what better place to take a vacation in the dead of winter than Chicago, where the temperature can stay below 0 for days on end and the wind sometimes blows you into the frozen lake?