A Great Spice Site

Here is a great site for information about spices, “Gernot Katzer’s Spice Pages.” A friend forwarded it to me a couple of months ago, and I recently googled fruitlessly for it. I’m posting it here with the hope that its PageRank will increase so it won’t be hard to find. This guy presents the most complete information I’ve found about 117 difference spice plants (at the time of this writing), with no apparent commercial motive. The web at its best.

Reading Annoying HTML Mail in Mutt

I’ve tried several solutions for reading broken HTML mail in mutt, including my own custom Python hack, addMIMETextToHTMLEmail (this was actually the first Python program I ever wrote). Reasonably nice mail clients will send a plaintext part in addition to the HTML mail for us textophilic email users, but the dominant Microsoft Hotmail and Microsoft Exchange send HTML-only mail with no plaintext part. I wonder if they do this because they expect anybody worth writing to these days is using Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Hotmail.

I think I’ve recently discovered the best solution, since my addMIMETextToHTMLEmail script doesn’t always work properly and is probably unnecessarily complex:

  • Download and install demoroniser. You may need to tweak it slightly, since it expects perl to be in /bin/perl.
  • Install html2text (Debian package, separate source available from Martin Bayer).
  • Add to ~/.mailcap (this all needs to go on one line):
     text/html; /home/adam/bin/demoroniser.pl -q -w0 '%s' | /usr/bin/html2text -width 90 -style pretty; copiousoutput; description=HTML Text 

    You may prefer a wider output; the person who suggested this to me uses 158.

  • Edit ~/.muttrc and add:
     set implicit_autoview=yes 
  • You should now be able to view HTML-only emails in mutt without having any extra steps.

I’m considering packaging demoroniser for Debian, although it may fall below people’s ‘this script is too small to be its own package’ threshold.

Thanks to Alec Thomas, author of xchg2mail (which I’m also planning on packaging for Debian), for the tip.