Bush v. Kerry

We’re about 45 minutes in to the presidential debate now. I think the smartest thing Kerry is doing is goading Bush to feel he has to do a reply outside the structure of the debate, which gives Kerry a chance to do an additional response. The more the debate resembles a real debate with back-and-forth, the better it is for Kerry. At this point, I think Kerry’s aggressive attack strategy is working. Although Bush is “staying on message,” it feels like it’s a defensive message. I’ve been looking around the web for other “real time” commentary but no luck so far.

(update: of course, Instapundit is giving a real-time commentary, with a pretty different take on things; he’s also linking to other real-time bloggers, worth following)

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  1. nirmal Jan 28

    DailyKos usually has the best real-time blogging out there on the left. Check out .

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