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The instant debate polls are already in (well, they’ve been in for hours now). I thought this snippet from the USA Today poll was kind of funny:

B. Expressed himself more clearly 

Kerry Bush Both equally (vol.) Neither (vol.) No opinion
2004 Oct 13 61 29 9 1 *
2004 Oct 8 54 37 9 * *
2004 Sep 30 60 32 7 1 *


  1. Jamie Forrest Jan 28

    Yeah, I agree that neither expressed himself more clearly. However, Bush is the better ‘laugher’.

  2. Mike Jan 28

    The fact that Kerry would bring up the sexuality of Cheney’s daughter, when she was clearly not the subject of a question, and when Kerry was not even debating Cheney, speaks volumes about his character, and how he will stoop to any low at another’s expense for his own political gain. It figures…he’s a lawyer.

  3. emmanuel Jan 28

    Mike: i really fail to understand this critic. do you assume there’s something wrong with being gay? is that an insult to you? it’s not an insult for me. and it’s not an insult for kerry. that’s why he said it.
    but vote for whomever you like. i’m far too embittered about this election to try to convince you.

  4. Steve Laniel Jan 28

    Mike, please see the Atlantic piece on Karl Rove, then come back and tell me that Kerry’s the one with the reprehensible character.

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