Portable Defribillator vs. Bush

My friend, fellow Boston resident and Princeton alum, Kerry-fundraiser extraordinaire, and non-blogger Jon Garfunkel·, suggests that the “mysterious lump” on Bush’s back in the first debate (as reported by Salon and later followed by the New York Times) is in fact a portable defibrillator·, just to be extra safe in these difficult times.

Jon has asked people to have spread the word to see if anyone can get their hands on one of these devices and find a 6-foot tall, 190 pound man, wearing a 44L jacket over it, and see how it looks.

Please let me know if you have any leads.

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  1. Jon Garfunkel Jan 28

    I didn’t suggest. Just was passing along the latest speculation from isbushwired.com, cannonfire.blogspot.com, etc. Though I did suggest to these websites that they sharpen their journalist skills and go hunting for a male model. And, I may now add, knowledge of the difference between Sweden and Switzerland not required.


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