Future of Legal Blogging and Snippety RSS

Interesting evolving blog/article on The Future of Legal Blogging on Between Lawyers, a legal weblog I strongly recommend to lawyers and law students but for one problem: they only include a snippet of each blog entry in their RSS feed. In fact, all of the Corante-hosted weblogs seem to do this. I understand that they have commercial sponsors and would like you to visit the website so your eyeballs can be exposed to those sponsors’ names, but it seems like such a backwards way to do it. I usually read blogs offline through my aggregator (for example, on the train), and not being able to read the full entry means I often won’t see it at all.

slashdot seems to have recently solved this problem by including an occasional advertisement in the RSS feed itself. Why hasn’t anyone else figured this out?

Update: I stand corrected. Strangely, http://www.corante.com/betweenlawyers/index.xml gives the full text in the feed; http://www.corante.com/betweenlawyers/index.rdf does not. I was automatically subscribed to the .rdf version by my newsreader. I wonder if this is intentional.